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Date: 12/27/04-10:40:06 AM Z
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>I can't at this moment recall whether there's a dichromate coating
>for an oil print, but I think there's a bleach.... could that also
>have a tanning effect ???

Hi Judy,
The big difference with the bromoil versus oil-printing is the fact
that in oil-printing there is no developping, no fixing, no washing,
no tanning, no bleaching , no fixing and no washing ....:-)
In short, the oil-process is just a gelatine sized paper with a
kalium-dichromate. Just the neg on top, UV-light, washing in plain
water and voila: the matrix.
That is one of the big advantages of oil-printing (apart from the
fact that the inking is more easy due to the fact that swelling of
the gelatine is perfect)
The bromoil is used because you do not need a big negative; but if
you have one....
cheers (and a happy new-year),

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