re: oil-print-glyoxal??

From: Bill William ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/26/04-02:26:24 AM Z
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 Excessive swelling makes gelatin
> mechanically weak and
> susceptible to damage (while wet).

But excessive swelling is not a given.
Your experience may vary, depending upon your specfic
conditions, but
I am somewhat surprised at your results and your need for
heavy hardening...
What temperature are you coating at?
Are you using a particularly soft gelatin for sizing?
Do you use a particularly thick / thin sizing layer?
Are you using bottom heat, or
   is there heat comming in from somewhere?

I have never had a problem with this, but I do harden.

What actually happens when you coat on top of a lightly
hardened sizing layer?

(What does the result look like?)


Ryuji wrote:
My sizing
> solution has to be very
> well hardened because, if not, sizing layer gets
> melted while coating
> emulsion, and this causes a big problem.

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