Re: oil-print-glyoxal??

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Date: 12/24/04-03:35:50 AM Z
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Something to consider while you're pondering this question: paper
manufacturers who gel-size their paper do not use a hardener with the
gelatin (although they do add a fungicide).

henk thijs wrote:
> Since some time I am working with oil-printing; it is much easier to
> handle compared to bromoil (if one has anyway some big negatives for
> cyano or gum...), but what about hardening.
> In principle it is the same way of working compared to gum. Some
> gelatine layers , a dichromate etc.; but no glyoxal,formaldehyde or
> chromealum after sizing (one needs the swelling of the gelatine, so a
> hardening at that stage cannot be done).
> After the inking, I am not sure if the gelatine at the highlights is
> protected against bacterie-growth, there is little or no ink at the
> highlight-areas. I could not find any info in the books.
> Any idea??
> Cheers,
> Henk
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