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Hi all,

The bathroom thing would work except that our apartment is very small and
the counters are non-existent. On top of that, we only have one bathroom
and I know my wife will need it at the most importune moment.

I guess I made is sound worse that it is. I can use the school darkroom at
the high school where I teach but I have concerns that some of my photos are
not ones I would like a student to come across when I am not there (or there
for that matter).

We will hopefully be buying a place this summer so there should be more room
to work at home.


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Second that bathroom DR thing. Callahan used his bathroom for a darkroom
all of his career, and the school where he taught once in awhile.

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> If you got that far you don't need to wait for a darkroom course and a
darkroom. If you can get a couple of chemicals, a tray, a light source,
paper and a bathroom, you can process what you have. Most of use got
started in the bathroom with a lot less than you have. A lot of people
still use a bathroom or a closet. Go for it.
> George
> >
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > It has taken a while but I have now finally made a digital negative for
> > silver printing. This is a test print as I am not set-up for alt
> > but will have access to a darkroom.
> >
> > And let me tell you, being in Canada makes it much harder to do as many
> > materials need to come from the US. The Pictorico High Gloss White film
> > alone took 3 weeks.
> >
> > Anyway, I now have a negative to test but that will have to wait until
> > darkroom course starts in January.
> >
> > I again wanted to thank everyone who has helped and provided advice
here, on
> > APUG, and in personal email
> >
> > Ehud
> >
> > PS: To get this far I had to buy an Epson 1280, a Nikon Coolscan V ED,
> > upgrade Photoshop to CS, added 512 mb. ram, ordered both Mark and Dan's
> > books. Wow, a really slow train coming.
> >
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