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Date: 12/22/04-08:46:41 AM Z
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SteveS wrote:
> What is the recommended wattage for Pt/Pd prints? I plan to make a unit for
> 10X80 inch curkit prints on Centennial POP and hand coated Pt/Pd prints --
> not an inexpensive venture -- and I haven't become secure as to what unit
> to build.

I would suggest enough tubes to cover the 10x80 area.
This means more than 80 12"x1/2" bulbs.

For uniformity, at a distance of 1 to 2 feet, I would suggest not
placing bulbs more than a bulb width apart, closer better.

I would also suggest not placing two 40" bulbs end to end to get the 80"
as the sockets and ends would likely leave a dark spot.

Also using a 12" should but may not be long enough to get 10" as the
ends of the bulbs may have some light fall off.

It seems best to get the highest wattage per length bulb, but do
consider bulb life expectancy and changing with age. A more consistent
output is more valuable than faster printing time.

If the bulbs are much longer than 12", then a diagonal arrangement may
be practical. Just do not have ends and sockets within the business area.

It is important to only put the recommended number of bulbs on each
ballast. Also run a grounded wire above and near each bulb to make sure
they all start OK. And, do not mix bulb types; use all the same.

This many bulbs will heat up and produce some ozone, so best to
ventilate the housing.

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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