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Date: 12/21/04-11:27:14 AM Z
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Thanks, Jan. Yeah, Home Depot's 24" BL bulbs aren't much more expensive, about one
dollar more. And they are 20 watt, as opposed to only 15 watt for the 18". Then again,
their 48" bulbs are 40 watt, but I'm just not sure I'll have anyplace in the house to keep
something that size. I'll have to think about that. For now, it does look like I should at
least avoid the 18" bulbs. Too small.


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> Michael,
> I have build a number of UV boxes. The half box is just over 20 x 24"
> OD it has 8 24" tubes 20 watts per tube. 2' and 4' tubes may be easer
> to get than 18" and may be cheaper in the long run. Also what it the
> wattage of the 18" tube. Wattage is exposure time.
> Hope this may help
> Jan Pietrzak
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