Homemade UV printing unit

From: Michael Healy ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/20/04-09:35:52 PM Z
Message-id: <41C737A8.2758.C44F97A@localhost>

I followed the recent threads about constructing one's own UV unit. They have been
very enlightening. I am going to make my own UV unit, since even central Arizona's UV
is shortlived in December. One thing I'm wondering, though, is about coverage. One
user on (I think) this list said something to the effect that 18" bulbs will just about cover
11x14. Is 14" the longest area that can be covered with 18" bulbs? Currently, for the
most part, the best I'm able to do is 8x10; however, I do also have a 7x17 camera that
I'm getting pictures together with. Would 18" bulbs cover a 17" neg as well, or will this
size need 24" bulbs? I don't want to cut corners, but if 18" works, then that size certainly
would be an awful lot less unwieldy in a corner of my bedroom.

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