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Sorry for slight ambiguity, the printer will stop when it is TRULY out
of ink, but the light will blink quite a while before this actually
happens. When out, the light remains on, no longer blinking. This is
when we change the carts.

I thought the idea of have a printer open and exposed to air sounded
dangerous too. But my rep said that RIT had gone to this system. We
haven't as yet, but I'd assume with such a large (and respected)
school the idea must have valid legs. I think I'll post a question on
the digital B&W list (yahoo) and get some collaboration.


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> We print till the printer won't print anymore, this printer is an
> guzzler and Epson seems to have designed it that way.
> The carts can be removed, reinserted and continue printing.

So if the printer stops remove the offending cart and reinsert it to
printing? For how along.

> I got this tip
> from a camera rep who sells lots of these printers to schools..
> considering discontinuing to provide printers with ink installed
(with the
> major hassle of monitoring usage).

Shouldn't the printer(s) have an ink cart inserted to keep the head
drying out and clogging?

>Instead if students carry their own
> carts around and print on their own 'dime' the issue is moot. Also
> cleaning to an absolute minimum.

Certainly not a bad idea, very democratic IMO, an incentive to
wasteful usage.


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