Re: CMYK separations: a correction

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/17/04-06:35:55 PM Z
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> On the other hand, regarding my earlier comments:
> 1.  I was merely remarking that I didn't see how the file
> size/resolution would affect color conversion.  I looked at your
> website and see the two examples, but I don't see any information that
> shows what the variables were in terms of file size/resolution that
> caused the two different results.

That you got different results is
> evident from your two jpg'sā*”what caused the two different results to
> me is logically something other than file size/resolution. 

Okay, I believe you, but if so, then what is this other thing that could
logically be causing this? I'm quite willing to believe it's something
unbelievably stupid I'm doing, but I'd be happy anyway just to know what
it is.
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