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We print till the printer won't print anymore, this printer is an ink
guzzler and Epson seems to have designed it that way.
The carts can be removed, reinserted and continue printing. I got this
tip from a camera rep who sells lots of these printers to schools..
we're considering discontinuing to provide printers with ink installed
(with the major hassle of monitoring usage). Instead if students carry
their own carts around and print on their own 'dime' the issue is
moot. Also keep cleaning to an absolute minimum.


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Subject: Off topic: Questions regarding Epson 2200 ink carts
Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the following off topic questions but I do regard them
somewhat relevant since they are related to making digitally enlarged

1) Tonight when I submitted a file to the 2200, a dialog box was
warning me that I have less than 10% ink left in my light black
Should I change it now or will the driver stop the printer and prompt
me to
replace it when it thinks that the cart is finally empty? Since this
is my
first experience using an Epson with chipped carts my knowledge here
is very
hazy. Posts on suggest that the printer will allow you to
empty carts in mid print.

2) Does anyone know if MIS Eboni black ink is compatible with
material? In other words will it dry properly adhering to the
substrate and
not smear or dust off? I have a fair amount of this ink and would like
use it in my 2200 and 1280 if possible.

Thanks for your indulgence,

Don Bryant

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