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        I STILL haven't unpacked my books after moving homes/darkrooms. Do most
standard photo formulas call for Sodium Carbonate monohydrate or for
anhydrous Sodium Carbonate?

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> Does anyone know if there is any truth to his suggestion?

Read the label carefully, and/or check the MSDS for the particular
product. Blanket statement for a general category of pool pH raiser is
kinda risky. But sodium carbonate is often used for such products.

One product I know is Arm and Hammer *Washing Soda* typically found
next to laundry detergents, etc. It is fairly pure sodium carbonate

Another way to get sodium carbonate is to decompose baking soda. Arm
and Hammer baking soda is fairly pure USP grade sodium bicarbonate
(sodium hydrogen carbonate). You can heat it in an enameled pot,
stainless steel saucepan, or crucible furnace for a few
minutes. You'll see the powder loses stickiness and change the shade
of white. That's sodium carbonate anhydrous.

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