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Date: 12/17/04-09:44:59 AM Z
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Perhaps I am off base here, and will submit happily to correction, but there's something going on here that is making me use up time on deleting mail that really isn't really intended for me.

There seems to be a set of conversations that should go from one individual direct to another rather than through this forum.

Endless requests for a file seem to me to be personal messages which should be sent direct to the individual with the file, rather than clogging up everyone's inbox with much "send it to me too" type mail.

If the file could be put up on a web site and simultaneously made available to all, that might be best.

And as long as I am making myself unwelcome, let me see if I can't make myself more there any reason we can't confine our conversation to plain text? Html on a forum causes some people (me) unnecessary extra steps.

I have my email program set to keep html in emails delivered as an attachment and have it set also to deliver me a txt file attachment copy for the wording, to ward off viruses. I only open html I trust totally. It saves me much trouble with malign messages but makes reading email sent as html more time consuming. There is no benefit for most email to get sent as html anyway, and it's wasteful of bandwidth. For most people, it is a simple setting to select plain text as the preferred mode for outgoing messages.

If I am out of line on either of these topics, I won't ever bring them up here again.


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