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Date: 12/16/04-10:35:29 AM Z
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I would very much appreciate a copy of your article also.

John Roseborough

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Thanks for the request from you and others for a copy of my article. I shall
send a copy to those people on the list who requested one to their personal
e-mail addresses. If I send it to the list, there would be much weeping and
gnashing of teeth and tearing out of hair if that much info went out over
the list, especially for people like me on simple modems. I am not a
computer boffin so I shall seek advice on how to send a copy of the same
file to the different e-mail addresses. I shall bring all messages from
everybody to Peter tomorrow. Again, be patient. Hellena
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  From: Tim O'Neill
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  Oh thanks H,

  I have tried to access the Journal from here before with no success. I
would love to have an email if you get the time. I hope Peter is doing

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    As far as I know , he was still working on his book. I don't know how
much he had put together until the time of his illness.. I shall print out
your e-mails and bring them with me on Friday. If it is any help I wrote a
four page article on the Temperaprint process for the British Journal of
Photography in the issue dated 19.06.2002. I don't know how you access the
index from the states but I have a copy that I could e-mail if you are
interested. The only major change in my working methods has been the switch
from paper negatives made translucent with mineral oil to diginegs which
are easier to use and make but I must say I miss the smell of oil from the
negatives. Using oiled negs and an egg tempera process made for an
interesting olfactory experience. Hellena
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      From: Tim O'Neill
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      Does Peter have a book for purchase? In the info that is on alt photo
his text suggests a advanced section of his compendium. I have not had
success tracking that down. Any info on that? Likewise when you see him
please forward my email. I would be willing to correspond even with snail
mail should that be the only thing available to him for a bit.

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        From: HNMM CLEARY
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        I am not very good technically in my work so when you talk about
working out curves, I must admit that I am pretty inexperienced in that
respect. I just go for something visually acceptable as there are so many
vagaries in the process, it is difficult to be extremely precise. Exposure
times for me very much depend on the uv light source. I use a machine
developed for making printing circuit board in the electronic industry which
combines vacuum and timer together and is pretty accurate. I also do not
work any bigger than A3. I have in the past done Temperaprint on polished
marble and welsh slate. However I only did a single coat because of the
impossibility of getting correct registration with two coats. I used some
pretty high density foam from a furniture making place and one of those
vacuum bags that you use a vacuum cleaner to remove the air and create the
contact between the printer and the substrata. It worked quite well on the
marble as an almost photographic surface and differently on the slate
because of the surface irregularities.
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          From: Tim O'Neill
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          Good to hear that someone else exists out there that has some
experience. I am starting form scratch so have not yet gotten a gallery
quality print. I am still working out curves and exposure times. I am
extremely interested in chatting with someone who has first hand experience
with the process on ceramic or stone. That is what I am pursuing next as
soon as I get a touch better results with basic printing. Any tips form you
expereinced will be greatly appreciated

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            From: HNMM CLEARY
            Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2004 12:12 PM
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            Yes, we are still out there. There are a few probationers of
Temperaprint still going. While we are not as good as Peter, we are still
functioning and making prints. Most of us are in the U.K. but Barbara
Maloney is an American currently residing in Germany. She has an article in
the November issue of www.alternativephotographycom. All discussion welcome
. I am going to see Peter on Friday and can pass on any questions and
hopefully he will get access to the web soon. Hellena
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              From: Tim O'Neill
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              Do you have contact info for Peter? I am curious whether his
school will carry on once he is on the mend.
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                From: Kate Mahoney
                Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2004 5:07 PM
                Subject: Re: tempera printing

                Hi Tim, Peter Frederick has been very ill, and is in the
process of

                I've just started using a modified version of his process
with some success.
                The advantage is that it's way quicker to produce a print
than gum - the
                disadvantage is (for me) that it produces a much different
image quality.
                I'm just getting my head around the differences but I
certainly find it
                simple and effective after gum, but then again it's probably
because I have
                already done gum!!!

                Have a look at the archives - there was some discussion a
couple of weeks
                ago and there are certainly a few much more knowledgeable
people on this
                list than me!


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> Any one have contact info for Peter Fredrick? Or maybe
any others out
> using his process I can compare some tests and notes with?
> Tim O'Neill
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