Sorry to beat a dying horse, but more questions on lighting and Cyanotypes...

From: Alex Swain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/16/04-08:07:05 AM Z
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I have read a bunch of stuff about lighting Cyanos...Mercury Vapor,
Sodium Halide (?), Blacklights, etc on unblinkingeye, other places...

I have some "full spectrum" 48" fluorescent bulbs that purportedly
have a color temperature of around ~5000K. I have used them in the
past for digital product photography (which have worked great) and was
wondering if I can reuse them for cyanos. These are GE bulbs from
Home Depot, nothing special. I also have much more expensive 5500K
(again, purportedly) fluorescent screw-in type bulbs which I can also
use except they won't be as "even" and will basically require a "rack"
of them to light the area (i'm doing 8x10's and bigger)


Alex Swain (fo)
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