Re: Stinky paper and beer

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Date: 12/15/04-07:26:00 AM Z
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On December 15, 2004 02:08 am, Judy Seigel wrote:

> I thought of this reading an article in today's (that's Tuesday's) NY
> Times Science section... a discussion of beer making, in which the water
> is apparently an extreme variable -- the pH, the minerals, and other local
> and seasonal variations. Some of them, by the way, ending in "aldehyde" --
> or maybe that was the stuff that got formed by the combinations...
> whichever, I was struck by the info that these variations could make
> stinky beer. There was a bunch of other info about how beer makers cope
> (mostly additives) and about the effects that has on beer flavor and
> taste. (No I'm not planning on making beer in the near future, but somehow
> read the article while drinking my tea.)

        The traditional way to cope with water is to match your beer type to your
water type. That's why the old world is full of traditional beer styles.

        Stinky beer is usually infected. Some times intentional. Sometimes just bad
brewing technique.

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