Re: Stinky paper and beer

From: Bill William ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/15/04-03:48:28 AM Z
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> Some aldehydes smell very good.
> Which one? At what concentration?

Well, not too strong...

I think there are a lot. I must have some in my


I recall that in general the higher molecular weight
aldehydes may be sweet smelling...

Some coffee beans have sweet smelling aldehydes that are
rather delicate...

In natural and artifical flavorings I think you will find
quite a few.

> > Argentina has silver.
> Of course there is some. But to the point I was
> referring to "Sierra
> del plata."

Oh, yes, the ledgend... You know there are several of
these, dealing with silver and gold... Do you know the one
from Japan?


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