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I'm sorry, Bill, but that wasn't my intention at all. I was making
reference to a piece of artwork (a multimedia painting) that upset many
folks because it used elephant dung as one of its media in depicting the
Virgin Mary. While I don't have anything to say, one way or another, about
either the artist's motives or her (I believe) work, I was making a comment
about people suppressing art/speech they don't like or don't understand. As
with every other aspect of my life, I'm a live-and-let-live sort of fellow,
and I neither begrudge anyone their religion (or lack thereof) nor try to
convert them to my beliefs.

I apologize if anyone misinterpreted my statement and was offended.


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I really hope this isn't elephant dung paper...
I might want to print something with religious meaning on

In that case I would back away and give it up... the
message is way too clear even if it is not your

Religion stinks?!!

(Please note this is not to start a thread... just a
caution on what some people would see....)


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