RE: My first GumPrint-some Questions....

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Date: 12/13/04-10:40:36 AM Z
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I've had some recent success in using a Sprint aluminum sulphate hardening bath (360ml hardener/liter) for hardening ossein-sized papers for gum printing. Intuitively I don't think it works as well as formaldehyde, but so far I have avoided staining using up to 4 layers of gum on these papers. The results of course may vary with the specific paper and I suppose the gelatin as well, but so far it is working. I assume the Tetanal hardener may work as well if it is a similar composition. It should be worth trying in my opinion.


>>> 12/13/04 7:39 AM >>>
Do I have to harden the Gelatin?
Can I also use Tetenal hardener for it or hat to use?

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On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Christina wrote:

> Today Íve prepaired some papers (Arches) to make some gumprinting next
> weekend.
> (Íve put them into hot water for 30min, then let then dry, then put them
> into hot gelatine (30g with 1l water) and dried them again)

Then you hardened the gelatin?

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