Full spectrum lights for Cyanotype exposure?

From: Alex Swain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/13/04-07:52:43 AM Z
Message-id: <7d43074e0412130552102233db@mail.gmail.com>


I am looking for some new lights and was wondering if the "daylight"
tubes you get at Home Depot would be sufficient in a fluorescent
fixture. I have used the aquarium lights as well but seems the
exposure is a bit longer than I want (30 mins?). Any suggestions on
more powerful lights I can get at a local supplier would be great
(e.g. chain store). The blacklights are good but bad for your eyes
(because you know, I stare at them constantly) and primarily they are
just expensive.


Alex Swain (fo)
Received on Mon Dec 13 10:21:17 2004

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