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Steve wrote:

> I think you may fail to realize the electronic capture and lenses are
> different that film and the lenses for film are different. The electronic
> cameras like Nikon, etc. are 'modified' to accept the film designed lenses.

There's really a lot less to this than some of the manufacturers' hype
might lead one to believe. All decent sensor designs have microlenses over
the pixel wells, and exhibit angular sensitivities fully compatible with
the widest of wide angle lenses. Sensors are generally a bit more
reflective than film, so a few badly-designed lenses with concave rear
elements that unfortunately have reflective focal lengths similar to the
rear-element-to-image-plane distance exhibit ghosting, but they do this to
a lesser degree with film, too. Other than that, there is no issue. I've
cobbled all kinds of optical elements, including ultra-wide lenses, to my
10D and have had not the least hint of any problems. Yes, I realize that
some manufacturers persist in using sensors without microlens arrays, but
I'm inclined to think they shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone who cares
about their images. They're just trying to sleaze by on the cheap.

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