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Good to hear that someone else exists out there that has some experience. I am starting form scratch so have not yet gotten a gallery quality print. I am still working out curves and exposure times. I am extremely interested in chatting with someone who has first hand experience with the process on ceramic or stone. That is what I am pursuing next as soon as I get a touch better results with basic printing. Any tips form you expereinced will be greatly appreciated

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  Yes, we are still out there. There are a few probationers of Temperaprint still going. While we are not as good as Peter, we are still functioning and making prints. Most of us are in the U.K. but Barbara Maloney is an American currently residing in Germany. She has an article in the November issue of<>. All discussion welcome . I am going to see Peter on Friday and can pass on any questions and hopefully he will get access to the web soon. Hellena
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    Do you have contact info for Peter? I am curious whether his school will carry on once he is on the mend.
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      Hi Tim, Peter Frederick has been very ill, and is in the process of

      I've just started using a modified version of his process with some success.
      The advantage is that it's way quicker to produce a print than gum - the
      disadvantage is (for me) that it produces a much different image quality.
      I'm just getting my head around the differences but I certainly find it
      simple and effective after gum, but then again it's probably because I have
      already done gum!!!

      Have a look at the archives - there was some discussion a couple of weeks
      ago and there are certainly a few much more knowledgeable people on this
      list than me!


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> Any one have contact info for Peter Fredrick? Or maybe any others out
> using his process I can compare some tests and notes with?
> Tim O'Neill
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