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Date: 12/12/04-08:55:49 PM Z
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My only complaint against the new Olympus is that they had to go and
make an all new lens mount for the new system. The beauty of the Nikon
and Canon systems is that they use the pre-existing 35mm lenses...and
there are a ton of excellent used lenses floating around out there.

I had seriously considered the Oly until I found that out (I shoot 35mm
with an OM-1 and have a nice set of lenses to go with it), so it wasn't
like I didn't appreciate their optics. But I have a friend with the
Canon 100 and 180 mm macros, and the 300mm IS telephoto with matched 2x made the decision a lot easier. In fact, I'm thinking of
selling the Olympus 35mm and getting a Canon 35mm body, now that I have
my own Canon lenses and access to more.

It's something to think about when you start spending bucks on the glass...


Jack Fulton wrote:

> I'll stick my neck out for a second to say wait a second to take a peek
> @ the 'new' Olympus
> SLR 8 mpxl. w/interchangeable lenses and the 4/3 system. It is the E300.
> I use the C8080
> and, well, 'tis superb.
> Jack Fulton
> On Dec 12, 2004, at 12:16 PM, Dennis Moser wrote:
> Sam,
> If you are considering going to the expense of a top-notch DSLR (Canon,
> Nikon, Kodak, Fuji), I personally know that both Nikon and Canon make a
> right-angle viewer attachment for just the purposes you are describing.
> They are not inexpensive, but for this kind of work they are just what
> you need. I believe I priced the right-angle viewer that would fit my
> Canon 10D at B&H, so they should be fairly available.
> Also, there is software out there that will "drive" your camera, such
> that if it "tethered" to your computer, you can instantly preview it on
> the monitor...thus having a 17" remote preview...
> Not to take anything away from the Leica/Panasonic rangefinder, but for
> the price of the camera alone you could put together a very flexible
> DSLR system with several lenses and the viewer for the same amount or
> less...
> Dennis Moser
> Sam Wang wrote:
>> Hi Darrel,
>> No. An SLR camera cannot send info to the LCD (or TV) before the
>> mirror is flipped out of the way, plus none has a swivelling LCD.
>> Perhaps the just announced rangefinder camera that uses Leica
>> interchangeable lenses is the one to watch for.
>> Sam
>>> Subject: Digital slide camera, was Re: off-topic digital camera
>>> suggestions
>>> ....White balance, manual exposure, and hot shoe, on the other hand,
>>> are all extremely necessary. Whether the LCD can swivel is not
>>> important if there is a built-in output to, say, a TV. Suggestions
>>> anyone?
>>> Sam, this is a great question. I'm surprised by the lack of a simple,
>>> semi-professional tool like remote preview on many digital cameras,
>>> even "pro" versions. I was dissapointed to find the new Canon 20D and
>>> it's Capture software would not "preview" to a laptop. You can take
>>> pictures from the laptop software, but it doesn't let you see the
>>> image until after exposure...I suppose this would suffice for your
>>> copying needs, but for a camera costing nearly $1500, I'd expect a
>>> little more flexibility. In my mind, viewing after exposure removes
>>> the functionality of shooting off-camera.
>>> This may be a limitation of the Canon supplied software, I've heard
>>> there is good software for these line of cameras, but only windows
>>> versions, not Mac.
>>> -Darryl

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