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Date: 12/11/04-08:20:13 PM Z
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I have found that humidity is an important factor when trying to store
sensitized cyanotype paper.
If it is very dry, like in the winter, the paper may strore fairily well,
but in the summer when the humidity is high, the paper will not even last
overnight. You can tell that the paper has gone bad when it starts turning
blue, usually around the edges.

In any case my experience has been that stored paper is, as Judy says,
slower. I also think it has less contrast.

Bob Schramm
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&gt;From: Judy Seigel &lt;;
&gt;Subject: Re: Advice on cynotype
&gt;Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 00:05:03 -0500 (EST)
&gt;On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Carmen Lizardo wrote:
&gt;&gt;How long can I keep pre-coat cyanotype paper before
&gt;My experience is that different papers have different keeping
&gt;qualities... all keep better in the cold weather than hot. (In
&gt;summer John Dugdale keeps his in the refrigerator.) All keep better
&gt;if you stack them under weight in a box, so they have as little air
&gt;contact as possible. If you're choosing between papers, you might
&gt;test them in advance. As I recall, some will print darker, others
&gt;will print flatter if kept more than a day or two...
&gt;But the time they've been kept may affect exposure time... so check
&gt;in advance.
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