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Date: 12/11/04-12:18:03 PM Z
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Digital is being discussed here a lot, but my question doesn't pertain to alternative processes so is actually off-topic. This list, however, always produces advice that I find very useful.

I am recording my mother's doll collection on film. To be assured of a long lasting record that I can always print from, I am using my Nikon FE2 with black-and-white silver film. However, I would also like to have color pictures and it would be convenient to have digital files that can be sent on the net.

I have borrowed my sister's digital camera (Kodak EasyShare DX4330, 3.1 megapixels) but am not completely satisfied with the results. Unfortunately, she couldn't find the manual for me. Some of the dolls are only 4" high so I need to get close. In close-ups the picture seems to break up in a moire pattern. The other problem is that greens come out as blue. (I managed to correct one picture with my Photoshop Elements 2, but I'm not really interested is tweeking pictures and would like the initially recorded image to be close enough to be useful.)

A friend has offered to lend me a Nikon 990, but I am wondering whether I should buy something myself. My computer is a 4-year-old Dell Latitude with Windows 2000. (If it is relevant, these are the slots listed in the manual, most of which I have never used: 2 PC Card slots, Video connector, USB connector, PS/2 connector, Parallel connector, Serial connector, S-Video connector, Optional network connector, Optional modem connector, 2 Audio jacks, Innfrared port.)

My primary use for the camera will be to record the collections in my Mother's house, some of which require good close-up capabilities. I don't want to spend a lot of money since I'm not interested in "going digital." On the other hand, if I do buy, I want to get something better than my sister's. Looking through some specifications for digital cameras, I would want the ability for both auto and manual focus and exposure. A rechargable battery sounds useful. I find it difficult to see the LCD screen on my sister's camera to check the picture after it is taken, so I would like this to be easier to see. You can advise me better about the importance of megapixel count, ISO range, other formats than JPEG, etc. I'd also prefer smaller than larger.

Sorry to be so off-topic. My e-mail is to answer directly. TIA

Suzanne Izzo
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