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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/09/04-09:17:43 PM Z
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Marek, I have a computer stand with 4 shelves -- on wheels. if
you can possibly fit one of those in the bathroom, or even nearby, you can
stack quite a few trays on it... I too like to work on many prints at
once, which is a big help in NOT forcing a print because I'm tired of
watching it.... Maybe you could hang a shelf of some kind over the tub?

Then again, I admit.... I can NEVER develop a print in 15 minutes. Even a
half hour is rarely enough ! I suspect you'll find if you do cut down the
dichromate, the print will still be runny in that short a period, or, if
you add exposure, not developed enough. (It's always a tradeoff.) Please
let us know !


On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 wrote:

> Thanks Judy,
> I do occasionally leave a print in the tray for several hours and these
> indeed tend to be the the best in terms of full photographic details. I
> typically work on 9 to 12 prints at once and can not have 12 11x14 or even
> larger trays stiing on the bathroom counters and floor. I am looking for a
> short development time, not more then 15-30 minuts that could do the
> trick. I will try to reduce the dichromate concentration.
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