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I feel like a travel agency:-)
I spend some words for the Italians places and ideas that foreigners have
about Italy.
That's a real truth; some Italians cities and part of some regions are a
sort of "pitoresque vision" for turists. Tuscany along with Venice is on
the top. Many visitors of Italy really need to be in places as the above
to say:"I was there, I recognize the town or the landscape, this is true
Italy". My prefered Italy is the "minor" where not to much tourists are.
The discussion could go on about this argument for days......
J. Bailey suggest the South as Puglia, I completely agree with him. About
wines of the region they are raising in the Italian enology after years
of darkness.
J. Siegel has a passion for the pre-Renaissance art: there was a very interesting
exhibithion in Siena of Duccio di Boninsegna one of the master of period
and it will worth a visit.
My informations about Italy are partisan and very personal because I know
the problem since I live in Verona, one of the most visited town in Italy
and I see quite everyday of the year the tourists tours......
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>Daniele, if you will be so kind, I'd also like to get your answer.
>Thank you very much
>Stane Kočar, Slovenia
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>> Dear Susan,
>> I'm Italian and photographer too.
>> I can give you some indications about your next trip to centre of Italy.
>> I have experiences of these places you would like to visit, even if my
>> is Verona.
>> I will prepare you some notes about palces and accomodation.
>> Have some patience....
>> Ciao
>> Daniele
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>> >Dear List;
>> >I hope I am doing this right... I am enquiring as to whether there are
>> Italian
>> >photographers on this list that could advise me/ other travellers
>> >nice, small cities for 2 weeks in Oct. 2005.
>> >I don't want to stay in 4 star accommodations-(no hotels) and wish to
>> >out about type of camera (is the 6 by 9 ideal) that is easy to travel
>> >I like Umbria and or; Tuscany areas.
>> >I know this a big request- any suggestions are very much welcomed.
>> >Thanks,
>> >Susan
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