RE: RGB vs CMYK: gamut and some important notes for CMYK users

From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/08/04-11:47:03 PM Z
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Keith, thanks for your answers... they are some help. Tho I still find
inkjet printing MUCH less controllable than gum, hope springs eternal...
You really can make a gum print do about anything you can think of if
you're patient. The ink jet printer tends to the irrational, even
intractable -- so far.

Sorry I haven't been able to get to your website yet: my X#@$%^&*&%#@!)
browser is down, for a change. There's a conflict with the software from
the digital camera, so I don't count on its resurrection anytime soon --
HOWEVER, the new laptop of a close family member enters the picture, with
a router to a DSL line odds are good for the future (although some
piracy may be required).

Meanwhile...thanks again...


On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Keith Gerling wrote:
> physical sets of actual physical inks, but theoretical combinations of
> (a)
> monitor colors, and/or (b) printer ink colors that will be generated by
> these specifications?
> As a preface to answering this, I'd like to mention again that I use
> both RGB and CMYK to make separation negs for gum printing. People have
> asked me why. In a nutshell, RGB is much easier because there is less
> control and less one has to understand. If it works with RGB, great!
> No having to deal with all of these CMYK settings. But often I find
> that I need more control (usually, because I just can't get dark enough
> shadows using RGB).
> Judy, when I say "inksets" I'm just using the word that the Photoshop
> industry uses. The separation engine in Photoshop is calibrated to
> address the needs of "ink users" as "gum users" are still a rather
> insignificant segment of the Adobe user population. But if you hitch a
> ride of the CMYK wagon, there is no way you can avoid ink settings
> because that is what CMYK is all about. I have no experience whatsoever
> with commercial inks, but apparently they are different. Change your ink
> parameter in the drop-down ink selector of your CMYK settings, and you
> have a different set of rules and therefore your separation negs will be
> different. Different enough to matter? Well, that depends upon your
> needs. Certainly it is different enough to notice:
> Check out the way that those browns (designated by the blue dots) are
> handled by the M and Y channels of the various inks. Pretty different -
> and I'm not so sure I prefer the "default".
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