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From: Timo Sund ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/05/04-05:06:23 PM Z
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I finally got my UV-light unit up and did one testprint. My intention was just try
out how it could be done wrong or not but read on:

It was diginegative, simply printed on transparent sheet of plastic originally meant
for back projection of multimedia shows. No fuss with various curves or coloursystems
just plain inverted negative and was printed with HP 840C with cheapest inks on the

Negative was printed with UB-A lightsource (=sunlamp) With 4 Philips tubes about 45cm
above contactframe. Exposure was 45mins

Paper was heavy watercolour paper from Artista and was coated with steel puttyknife.

I did whole process just to do quick test and resulting picture that came up was as
close perfect as I can say.

Direct link to picture is: http://palaios.com/assets/images/papintie_syano2004_vknet.JPG

Timo Sund
Palaios Photos
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