Re: RGB vs CMYK: gamut and some important notes for CMYK users

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Date: 12/05/04-12:02:17 PM Z
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>>> 12/04/04 7:10 PM >>>
So I don't really see the point,
although I am planning to work at it when I can. It's slow because I
have a heart problem that is limiting my activities.(snip) This
personal information isn't really any of Mr. X's business, but since he
has made it his business more than once by rather rudely demanding why I
haven't produced the comparison prints, this is why.


Sorry to hear you are having health problems which limit your activity.
However, I was under the impression that your retiscence in doing the
comparison was the result of some solvable problems with computer
peripherals as stated in one of your posts last month:

KT:"You'd think it would be fairly easy to show
you that comparison, but it's not at all simple because of my current
situation re peripherals. I'm not as technically competent as I used to
be, due to encroaching senility; my film scanner isn't online at the
moment and I frankly don't care to monkey with the SCSI chain, which is
always temperamental. (I don't use the 35mm scanner anymore because
don't work with 35mm anymore and I haven't made tricolors since I
switched to bigger film). That's just one problem; another is that all
the original scans are on old MO disks; the MO drive is also offline. So

I can neither rescan the film nor retrieve the old scans without a great

deal of trouble."

All you had to say was something like: "Sorry, recent health issues
prevent me from doing the comparison in the short term" and I would have
understood and been less demanding. In fact, I never insisted initially
that you personally do the comparison yourself. I politely asked at the

" So, would you please cite a few of the several other examples of gum
printers using this method for me? I'd like to see their work. I'm
aware that Christine Anderson, Phil Davis, and Sam Wang also use the RGB

method. Christine and Sam apparently do combination prints using a
cyanotype layer with gum. I'm not sure I would consider their work to
have "accurate" colors although certainly beautiful and interpretive

Do you know of any examples of side-by-side, RGB vs CMYK 4-color gum
image tests which show evidence contrary to my online example? Please
point me to them.

Thanks. "

I wouldn't call that rude.

I do wish that you would honor my request (as you previously agreed to)
to not include me in your posts and, If so, I will simply stay out of
this portion of the debate with you.

Thanks and have a speedy recovery.


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