Re: RGB vs CMYK: gamut and some important notes for CMYK users

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Date: 12/04/04-11:22:16 AM Z
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Keith Gerling wrote:

> 2) The "default" CMYK settings, which apparently are so precious to some
> users, are not the best to use for capturing all data.

I'd say this differently; I wouldn't say that the default CMYK settings
are "precious" to those who make default CMYK separations; rather I
would guess that many people who use the default CMYK for color
separations may not even be aware that there are settings that determine
what their separations look like. After all, teachers and writers often
advise people to simply convert to CMYK and click on Print Separations,
without going into what CMYK profiles are or what the settings are or
what the assumptions are that underlie the default settings, and I would
guess that in most cases the teachers and writers don't convey that
information because they don't know it themselves. So unless people are
heavy into CMYK for reasons of digital printing etc, they might not know
that there are other stations to listen to, much less how to tune them
in. My recent goal has been to awaken them to the assumptions that
underlie the default CMYK; your job, should you choose to accept it, is
to teach them how to tune in the other frequencies.
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