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If your monitor is calibrated, then when printing with your 1160 on various
papers, you would use a profile for that paper—in some cases these profiles are
provided by the paper manufacturer (they may not be as good as doing your own
profile, but they are better than nothing). These profiles, however, assume
you are using the original manufacturer's inks fro the 1160 printer. I think
in your case, you found a 3rd party ink you prefer?

Mark Nelson
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>    If you're talking about *any* kind of proofing on the monitor, you have
> to have the monitor calibrated FOR THAT PURPOSE.  My monitor was
> calibrated for something or other, but I find that printing with the 1160
> on paper X is a whole other thing (and of course each other paper is too).
> I don't know if it would be worthwhile to calibrate for these conditions,
> probably not -- but I know that what's seen on the monitor is only --
> what's seen on the monitor.
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