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Date: 12/04/04-08:01:02 AM Z
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Ive some birchplanks, some 5mm thick and 15cm wide about 20-50cm long. They are
scrapwood from local sawmill. Ive been wondering if Id polish them with another
piece of hardwood or do some sanding before printing. The unique surface of each
plank is interesting itself.

Leather is also another subject of testing.
Vegatabletanned or braintanned and uncoloured leather shouldnt be too acidic for
cyanos. Modern tanning processes use chrome or alum for tanning.

Maybe Ill do some testing this weekend.

Judy Seigel wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Timo Sund wrote:
>> I just got two white silk scarfs/hankies on my posession. Might give
>> them a try on cyanotype. How about tree? Should it be smooth or coarse
>> as its after sawmill or should I try try polish it with peace of
>> suitable wood before coating and printing?
> Timo,
> Are you asking about printing on wood? It should probably be as smooth
> as possible, so the negative will be in good contact.
> Judy

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