Re: cyanotypes on fabric

From: Barbara Izzo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/03/04-09:08:50 PM Z
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Cyanotype T-shirts are wonderful. I especially liked the ones I made with photograms of leaves and other plant material. You must use natural fiber (all cotton or silk not man-made synthetics).

The main drawback is that they can't be washed with a detergent containing washing soda or borax. When I sold some at a craft fair, I made up tags with this warning. My granddaughter threw hers in the wash and it came out a very ugly brown. Of course one problem with making T-shirts is that one doesn't really want to wash such a casual item by hand.

Timo's silk scarves are a great idea for an item of wear. Or you can make wall hangings.

Have fun with what ever you decide on. Suzanne
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