Re: Digital Negs - RGB vs CMYK

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/03/04-05:13:29 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

> One thing that might be confusing is that when you invert the RGB image,
> what you're looking at onscreen is the negative of the CMY image,
> whereas when you're looking at the CMYK image onscreen, you're looking
> at the positive, and you either have to invert again or check "Print
> Negative" in Page Setup to get the separations as negatives.

 The reason why you see the RGB image inverted to CMY as a negative and
a CMYK image as a positive, is that in RGB, the numbers go up from black
(0,0,0) to white (255,255,255) and in CMYK, the numbers go up from white
(0,0,0) to black (100, 100,100).
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