Re: cyanotypes on fabric

From: Timo Sund ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/03/04-11:47:43 AM Z
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I just got two white silk scarfs/hankies on my posession. Might give them a try on
cyanotype. How about tree? Should it be smooth or coarse as itīs after sawmill or
should I try try polish it with peace of suitable wood before coating and printing?

> the great T-shirt incident.

Sounds like someoneīs have had fun with alt.proc.

How about leather? Industrial chemical tanning makes it acidic.
Should it be soaked untill most tanning acics are dilluted and leather is hard or
just try it out as it is?

Robert W. Schramm wrote:

> A few years back (longer than I care to admit) when I was still teaching
> I did a unit on cyanotype for my advanced photography class for art
> majors. I was coating paper when someone asked me if you could put cyano

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