Re: Digital Negs - RGB vs CMYK

From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/03/04-09:33:17 AM Z
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>>> 12/03/04 9:58 AM
So I think the original question, posed by Joe S., was whether you could
true color gums in CMYK as opposed to RGB...
Chris >>>

Well, not quite. I made the statement that I believed more accurate
color could be achieved using CMYK separations. I later commented that
Livick's work was the most accurate I know of.

Then there's the thang about whether "realistic" equates with
"accurate". I certainly think you can get realistic/believable color
with either RGB or CMYK separations, but accuracy is another matter.
Most realistic-color gum images I've seen (primarily on the web) I would
not call accurate. Many tend to have a cyan/blue bias IMO.

To quote The Isley Brothers: "It's your thang. Do what ya wanna do."

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