RE: Digital Negs - RGB vs CMYK

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Date: 12/02/04-11:59:34 PM Z
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On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Judy Seigel wrote:
> I found that, given the givens about variability in development described by
> all right-thinking gummists, the only meaningful "adjustment curve" for gum
> negatives is in the density range. That is, depending on the kind of printing
> I was doing, making the negative to be the number of steps on the 21-step
> that paper/emulsion combo printed *if I wanted full range of the neg in one
> coat.* But more frequently, as I gained experience, making a more contrasty
> negative (about a range of 1.0) and filling in the image with 3 coats or so
> in different exposures. This was especially useful in making "fake" color
> prints -- using cyan, magenta & yellow to print 3 or more coats from a single
> negative, with some brushing out & filling in accordingly.

I think I should add that most of my gum prints have been from monochrome
negatives, originally shot in black & white. I'm still printing them in

The advent of the digital camera and capacity to make color seps from
actual color photographs changes things. In due course.

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