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From: Patricia Reed ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/02/04-11:58:57 AM Z
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Hi Isabella-
I have been printing cyanotypes & vandykes of fabric for a few years
with great success.
While I prefer unbleached white muslin I've read that t-shirts work
great, though I've never used them myself.
If you want your image to be sharp, put foam padding between your
t-shirt & contact printing base.

>>> 12/02/04 11:37 AM >>>
I am hoping to do some holiday gifts on a budget this year, and thought

about doing some cyanotypes on t-shirts (rather than just prints on
paper). I've never done cyanotypes on fabric, and I've only seen them
on "tighter" fabrics-- like bed sheets or shirt fabrics. Has anyone
done this successfully on plain cotton tees? Any advice, other than
pre-washing the fabrics a number of times to remove sizing? Any
suggestions on kinds of fabrics to avoid? I'm worried that I will lose

too much of the image in the washing process.

Thanks very much,
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