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Hi chris, I'm pretty sure he does exactly what he says - prints just the
CMY without the K, I was introduced to negs this way by John Pollard in
Australia. I've not found it to work for me. I think if you did one
printing for highlights, midtones and shadows, as the trad gummists did,
you would get away with this, as you'd be able to deposit more pigment
in the shadows. I've tried this, and it works, but it's very cumbersome
I think.

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Good morning all,
Whether anyone does or doesn't print exact color is not as interesting
to me
as the fact that you can print exact color in this age, without a lot of

muss and fuss. I find that fascinating. I just betcha if diginegs were
available back in 1839 Kodak would be doing gum today :) Katharine,
interesting you should bring up Livick, as I've just reread his
book for the umpteenth time.
First I will say it is commendable he has shared his process step by
and he is a master gum printer. Certainly I have to say his gums are
true to color.
He's certainly very anti-mixing your own gum from scratch, which I find
but I suppose he gets more predictability with using the same gum from
same manufacturer (if that is ever possible to have the same gum). I
started mixing my own from powder when I found out the Photographer's
Formulary did just that. I figured my food processor would work as well
their mixer.
Livick sprays his gum layers with a spray gun so probably he needs to
have a
very particular baume to never clog the sprayer, but for the rest of us
brush on, powder is great. I watched Sam Wang mix his gum/pigment
**at time of use** with powdered gum (dump in powdered gum, water,
dichromate), which dispelled any myth about not using powdered gum
Anyway, this is not on the subject heading topic, so back to my Livick
He uses CMY separation negatives, but also talks of RGB sep negs in
continuous tone..
On p. 53 he says he prints the yellow gum layer with the yellow neg, the

magenta with the magenta, and the blue with the cyan. He does not use
the K. Not having ever done CMYK, is this a typo, or those of you who do
use CMYK
do you use the negs like this? Or is it just that the service bureau he

uses labels the negs this way? In other words, RGB negs use the R for
the G for magenta, and the B for yellow.
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> Judy Seigel wrote:
>> On the 3rd hand, this is all probably overkill -- does anyone print
>> gum for exact "photographic" color repro?
> Stephen Livick does....

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