RE: Digital Negs - RGB vs CMYK

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Date: 12/02/04-01:29:22 AM Z
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Don said:

Using all black ink probably is the most straight forward method. I also
believe that each color layer could potentially be printed differently.
To figure this out would probably drive one nuts but the question does
arise, how to create and apply the required adjustment curve or curves.
Apply a curve to the image before separation or separate and apply
curves individually?

I'm printing from duotone separations at the moment, and that's just
what you do - apply separate curves to each tone in the set
separately(before separation) CAN apply diffferent curves
to the individual colours before separation and view the results - just
use the menu in the "curves" dialog box to choose the colour you want to
change, alter the curve, then bingo!! You can see the effect on the
final image before you separate...with the caveat of course that the
printer, inkset, and uv density of the negs may mean you have to change
the curve somewhat after testing.


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