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Yes, I agree, Michael Smith is arguably the best source for Azo.

He and Paula use Azo extensively and, as I understand it, purchase entire production runs of each grade directly from Kodak. That is a great deal of paper! They are hoping they can more-or-less single handedly keep production of this paper going - selling off to the public what they don't themselves need. Yes, B&H carries the paper (often *not* in all grades) - as long as it remains available - but they would certainly not commit to keeping it in production in the way Michael and Paula have. If Azo is a paper you enjoy using, it seems to me worth supporting Michael.

Here is a link to the Azo section of their website:

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> Never heard of double weight AZO. Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee commission Kodak to keep on making it at all.

>> Anyone know if double weight Azo is still available? I know B&H has the single weight in stock. Thanks for any info.

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