My first carbon print

From: Don Bryant ^lt;>
Date: 08/29/04-05:25:00 PM Z
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I just finished my very first carbon print using Bostick and Sullivan black
carbon tissue transferred onto Ilford MG paper.

I made mistakes but on the whole it was a successful first print. I had some
smearing from pulling the tissue a little too aggressively and perhaps too
early. The print is a little dark looking somewhat muddy but my exposure was
a pure swag. I used a negative that I had printed before as a ziatype so I
know the negative is capable of making a good print.

I sensitized the tissue with a 2% solution of potassium dichromate and
perhaps a little more contrast could be used.

The print has a nice relief, with raised features in the darker tones. I'm
sure the print may dry down too dark and I gave the print a alkaline
development using some dish washing detergent to lighten the tones. I also
touched the print surface and had some smear but there was no frilling which
was my biggest concern.

After dinner I'll make another print with the same negative, I've sensitized
4 pieces of tissues so my goal is to use them all this evening.

All things considered I'm very pleased, this could be addictive. When the
prints dry I'll make a scan and post them for you all to see.

Don Bryant
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