Re: glyoxal testing anyone?

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Date: 08/27/04-10:48:10 PM Z
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Thanks for the thought, but I think the closet would be better!!!! Well,
actually since finishing the book, I've must confess I have indulged myself
in........making prints of my own work instead of calibration palettes! What a joy!
 By the way, I must thank Kerik Kouklas for his suggestion to try Frabriano
Artistico and COT 320—nice papers! There is so much great information on this

Yeah, I know, I'm behind the curve getting around to these papers.... so do I
make a pinata out of all this platinotype I have left over?

Mark Nelson has been updated!

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>      Will add thicker gelatin, water choice, dif amounts of glyoxal, and
> will put them all in Mark Nelson's bed, not closet, for him to sleep on for
> a while.  I figure he needs to sleep now that he has finished his book,
> right Mark?  hehehehe
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