RE: Photographer's Formulary vs. Bostick & Sullivan

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To throw in a curve to the discussion, are there any Canadian sources for
alt-process materials?


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I use several sources for my alt work and it depends
on what I am doing and my needs at the time as to who
I order from.

B&S is a great source AND knowledgeable. So if I am
having paper problems or chemistry problems I can call
and get some tips suggestions and maybe throw some $$
at the problem for a cure.
The Formulary is great too as an information source
but typically I buy from them smaller quantities of
say, Glycin, since the compound oxidizes quickly even
in a dry state.

Art Craft is a good source too for price but shopping
for price will sometimes leave out the
service/information aspects as far as alt processes

So I think it depends on your needs at the
time...price with or without service. A company
willing to talk with you for 45 minutes re: your
problems w/cyanos or whatever can be worth the price
difference if there is one.

Nice lens FS--

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