RE: Photographer's Formulary vs. Bostick & Sullivan

From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/26/04-07:32:38 PM Z
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> My last message may have gotten confused, as I dived into a thread about
> printing frames. What I'd really like to know is how the various listers
> feel about the service, product depth, pricing, etc. of PF vs. B&S vs. any
> other suppliers of alt-photo stuff. I wouldn't say I was unhappy with
> either, but I'd like the opinions of others, as well as suggestions for
> other quality suppliers (and not necessarily strictly alt-photo suppliers,
> either, but good companies that sell quality products we'd use in our
> art/craft).

Since I'm east of the Mississippi I purchase many photo chemicals from Art
Craft Chemicals. Photo Warehouse has the lowest price on Rapid Fixer that I
can find. Bryant Laboratories and Tri-Ess will often have hard to find
chemicals. All generally give good service and ship quickly.

I wasn't trying to dis Photographers Formulary they have a large catalog of
chemicals and related products, but their printing frames are difficult to
use, pinching your fingers at times and don't always hold paper and negative
in contact evenly.

Good luck,

Don Bryant
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