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I think it's in "Coming into focus" that you can find a chapter on the
becquerel (sp.?) development of the daguerrotype (which is supposed to
eliminate messy and dangerous mercury usage). I recall many discussions
on the list over the years about the process; you can do a really
effective search of the archives using google. At, search on:
" daguerrotype" or
" becquerel" etc. (eliminate the quotes)

best of luck!


Ehud Yaniv wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been following the group for about 3 weeks and am now more lost than
> previously. Following the discussions can be very confusing - I don't know
> where to begin.
> I am now just getting into photography after an absence of over 10 years and
> think I would like to really learn how to do some of the alt-processes. To
> that end, I have read The Keepers of Light and I have just ordered the
> Christopher James Book.
> I was wondering if you folks can recommend some books specific to various
> processes, especially for the Daguerreotype. Are there any good books
> related to that process (I used to work in safety and first aid so I am not
> too worried about keeping safe around the mercury) for the modern
> photographer.
> I intend to learn to do Daguerreotypes if I can and will probably join the
> Daggeurean Society after the first couple of pay checks of the school year.
> Are there any other alt-photo associations I should consider?
> As for my work, I will probably play with pinhole and make copy negatives
> until I can afford a view camera again. I had one once but sold it when I
> sold all of my cameras to help pay my wife's university tuition (which is
> why I left photography in the first case).
> Finally, are there any list members in the Vancouver BC area?
> As for myself, I am a school teacher working with multiply and profoundly
> handicapped students in a high school setting. I will also be studying
> photography part-time at the local community college (Langara for the
> locals).
> Thanks in advanced.
> Ehud Yaniv
> PS: I have a Victorian Beaver top hat which my wife bought for me a few
> years ago. I don't wear it much but it still looks very good. She bought
> it for me as my first degree is in English History. And while some say that
> I am strange, no, I am not mad as a hatter.
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