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Date: 08/25/04-02:51:06 PM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:

> But the problem is that it's sodium bisulfite and *potassium*
> metabisulfite that are at issue in this discussion, so how similar are
> they? My chemist consultant says that he doesn't see a role for the
> potassium and sodium, so as far as he's concerned they are spectator
> ions in the reduction. If this is correct, then it's only the sulfite
> that matters, and metabisulfite should perform about the same regardless
> of whether it came into solution along with potassium ions or sodium
> ions. If that's so, then why would we expect big differences in how they
> perform in the clearing and washing process?

I just re-read my chemist's message, and found that the conclusion I
came to by reasoning my way through a logical sequence, he actually
said straight out to start with: "I wouldn't think there would be any
difference between sodium and potassium
metabisulfites at the same molar concentration." So maybe I should just
read my mail more carefully and give my brain a rest. Any chemists
disagree with this, please say so, and support your answer. Thanks,

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