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Let me say that working with cyanotype there is not need to work with the
the cyan pigment amount, then it comes the yellow pigment standard 2 grms
and what I do for the magenta is to check it during development usually I
develop a little bit shorter on the water, meaning doing it by sight.
Could you or anybody illustrate me on the concept of different amount of
pigments for coating?

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> > Yes, I always use 2 grms of pigment with 6 cc of gum arabic and 6 cc of
> > potassium dichromate and everything came from the same bottle and the
> > tube.
> Then I'd agree with Judy that the pigment stain may be related to
> sizing. But I hope you don't mean that you always use the same amount of
> pigment even with different pigments; doing that will give you very
> uneven results. The amount of pigment should be adjusted for the
> particular pigment, as different pigments (and different brands of the
> same pigment) vary widely in pigment strength and in how much pigment
> there is in the tube.
> Katharine
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