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Date: 08/25/04-01:28:38 PM Z
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> Quoting Katharine Thayer <>:
> >> >
> > > Same process, same paper, same pigment, same everything also same
> > negative
> > > but the yellow pigment was applied before the cyanotype and NO stain.
> > > Any explanation?
> Here's my 2 cents worth: what if the process of applying the cyan first
> affected the paper sizing?...then it would be quite likely that the yellow
> pigment applied after the cyanotype would stain the paper.
> Just a theory.
> Kate

Yes, I think that's a likely explanation, in fact I think that's what I
was getting at when I said that if everything including the pigment
concentration was the same, then it was probably sizing-related,
although I haven't heard that people who use cyanotype as a first coat
regularly need to re-size before putting on the gum coats.
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