Katharine Thayer's article in Lenswork

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Yes, and Katharine even got a round of applause from Bill Jay in "End Notes"
in the subsequent issue.
Congratulations Katharine.

Long Live Pictorialism!

Three things I like about the Pictorialists:

1. They didn't take lot of closeup photographs of themselves doing mundane
2. They didn't make large inkjet landscape pictures with oversaturated,
unnatural colors.
3. They didn't cover their images with a lot of text.

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> I think I've "cleared" enough.
> Chris
> PS Katharine, I read your article in Lenswork and LOVED it.  Here's to
> post-postmodernism--something my thesis is going to touch on. I'm going to
> quote you, and I'll even cite you correctly.
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